Rapids and backwaters

Comparing digital cultural policies

This chapter compares the digital cultural policies of the seven case countries included in the book while also taking stock of the supranational policy analysis. The comparative analysis of digital cultural policy is presented through three key axes: centralization–decentralization, the division of the digital and cultural policy responsibilities, and the countries’ relation to the EU. Furthermore, by using examples of digitizing cultural heritage and video game policies in the researched countries, the authors outline the dominant narratives of digital cultural policies. The authors show how the division between cultural, media and communication policies is still very much relevant for national digital policies, with an evident impact on the (fragmented) approach to the digital cultural policy, how the development of digital cultural policies needs to include both national and supra-national policy agents, how more agency needs to be given to public policy in this field and how policy inspiration might be found outside European borders.

This article

Book:  Digital Transformation and Cultural Policies in Europe


Ole Marius Hylland, Jaka Primorac




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