Museum Fashion Photopgraphy

The Wardrobe Photographs of the Kiellands

Museum Fashion Photography explores a collection of photographs that sit between different genres. The chapter discusses the relationship between museum photo documentation of dress and fashion photography, using a collection of photographs from the Museum of Decorative Art and Design in Oslo from 1956. The photographs, which were produced by the museum director Tor B. Kielland and his wife Edle Due Kielland, depict the couple modelling garment of contemporary Nordic designs. This hithero neglected collection can be described can be described as a kind of  "extended fashion photography", fully mixing features from fashion photography and museum documentary. Indeed, the images not only blur the boundaries between genres but also between institutional and private. They are the result of museum documentation, yet, at the same time, personal snapshots at odds with traditional understandings of historical photographic genres. This chapter reveals far more variations at play than the already established photographic genres.


Anne-Sofie Hjemdahl




Vitenskapelig artikkel i antologi