Digital cultural policy in Norway

Old tools and new tasks

Norway has a high level of digital literacy, digital public services and digital cultural consumption. At the same time, this does not reflect the maturity of a national digital cultural policy. In Norway, the inclusion of digital culture and digitalisation in cultural policy has been a slow and incremental process, combining optimism and pessimism; perceiving digital changes as opportunities and threats. In this chapter, we use the cases of digital cultural heritage and computer games to illustrate how new products (computer games) are being treated in old ways (supporting quality culture), while old products (heritage) are being treated in a combination of new (digitisation and digital distribution) and old (collecting, systematising, making accessible, communicating) ways. A fundamental challenge is to develop and implement a combination of policy tools and policy ideas that is something more than a partly successful emulation of pre-digital policies to digital culture.

This article

Book:  Digital Transformation and Cultural Policies in Europe


Ole Marius Hylland, Mari Torvik Heian, Bård Kleppe, Heidi Stavrum




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