Bridging, nudging and translating

Facilitators of local creative industries in Norway

The article sheds light on an often neglected group of professionals in creative industries, namely the facilitators who work on a local level in order to support and stimulate individual artists and creative microbusinesses. We discuss what characterises the practices of local facilitators, and how they act in order to ensure legitimacy within different contexts.

Based on qualitative interviews and participant observation in Norwegian creative industries, and a theoretical approach based on Alexander’s theory on cultural performance and French pragmatic sociology, we argue that the facilitators are networking entrepreneurs with multi-contextual competencies operating in the gaps between art, business and bureaucracy.

The article is available here


Åsne Dahl Haugsevje, Heidi Stavrum, Mari Torvik Heian og Gunn Kristin Aasen Leikvoll




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