This list contains publications in english and norwegian publications with an english abstract. The majority of our research are published in our native norwegian language. You will find a list of all our publications in our norwegian site.

Sámi rights and sustainability in early childhood education and care Article in anthology 14.11.2023
Digital cultural policies Article in anthology 10.11.2023
Digital cultural policy in Norway Article in anthology 10.11.2023
Rapids and backwaters Article in anthology 10.11.2023
Toxic agents and their agency - Presentation 24.10.2023
Outdoor activities promoting mental and physical health and well-being in Sámi Early Childhood Education and Care institutions Article in periodicals or series 10.10.2023
Care crisis and trust Presentation 22.09.2023
Present absence Conference paper 24.08.2023
Supporting Children’s Psychosocial Well-Being in Sámi ECECs Article in periodicals or series 16.08.2023
Business development and attractiveness Presentation 28.06.2023
Myths about the municipality Article in anthology 27.06.2023
How Municipalities think Article in anthology 27.06.2023
How partnerships and governance affects politicians' ability to steer and govern regional development processes: A study of Norwegian counties Article in anthology 27.06.2023
Can we trust population projections? Article in anthology 27.06.2023
Is Co-Creation a magical concept? Article in anthology 27.06.2023