This list contains publications in english or norwegian publications with an english abstract. The majority of our research are published in our native norwegian language. You will find a list of all our publications in our norwegian site.

Unwrapping Toxic Heritage. Presentation 28.08.2021
Toxic strategies Conference paper 21.06.2021
Digital meetings in democratic institutions Report 31.05.2021
No tiktok. Digital didactic, please. Report 06.05.2021
Bridging, nudging and translating Article in periodicals or series 22.03.2021
Negative Cultural Policy Article in periodicals or series 11.12.2020
Syngje og spile fele ti’. Introducing a tradition of fiddling singing in Norway Article in periodicals or series 02.11.2020
Management of considerate recreation in wild reindeer areas Article in periodicals or series 01.10.2020
What is the key to viable and sustainable communities? Presentation 23.09.2020
Cultural enrichment - political inconvenience Report 18.03.2020
Grow through Activating Local Potential Report 11.03.2020
Museum Fashion Photopgraphy Article in anthology 01.03.2020
Public sector research: Presentation 06.02.2020
An account of the academic institutionalisation of cultural policy research. A Nordic perspective. Article 03.02.2020
Co-creation Presentation 30.01.2020