Anthology on current aims and functions of public funding for culture in the Nordic region

Kulturanalys Norden (commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers) has decided to complete an anthology, where the current state of public funding for culture in the Nordic countries (including the selfgoverning areas) will be analyzed. The aim of the anthology is to consider the current purpose, objectives, functions and effects of public subsidy systems in the Nordic region, including both national systems and subsidies generated at the Nordic level (i.e. by the Nordic Council of Ministers).

Research questions include for example the following:

  • Is the welfare principle still relevant for describing public cultural funding?
  • How do current funding structures resonate with contemporary changes within different fields of art and culture?
  • Has something prominently changed in the allocation of funding for art and culture – for example:
    • Has the share of public funding for culture drastically decreased/increased
    • Who are the major/minor receivers of public funding and has this somehow changed over time?
    • Have the strengthened discourses of marketization and effectiveness, and introduction of NPM with new measurement schemes changed the principal purposes of cultural funding in the Nordic countries?
    • What is the standing of the arts and artists within current funding schemes?