About us: Telemark Research Institute

september 1, 2019

Researchers at TRI are working within a various and broad specter of topics. Common for most projects, are the close ties between the academic perspectives and the need for applicable knowledge of decision-makers at different levels. Thus, our projects are often conducted on behalf of – or in partnership with – municipalities, county councils, ministries, enterprises or organizations. We also have projects financed by the Research Council of Norway, Regional Research Funds in Norway and by different research financing mechanisms in Europe . Most projects are claiming interdisciplinary approaches and the combination of different methods.

Researchers at TRI are continuously looking forward and are actively searching new international project partners for proposals and projects. We have our strength in combining the academic field with our easy access to both municipalities and enterprises as partners and areas for studying practices in larger projects. Many of our research topics are of high international relevance.


Cultural Policy Studies

We conduct research on cultural policy and cultural economics as well as implement evaluations and investigations of projects in the field of art and culture. Through our research we contribute to the knowledge base and offer critical perspectives on cultural policy.

Local Public Finance and Organisation

We offer research qualifications and advisory services on topics like local municipality structure, intermunicipal cooperation, government instruments and funding towards the municipality sector, adaptation work and economic management in the municipalities.

Regional Development

Regional development is about growth. The key question is: What makes places grow? The research on regional development focuses on identifying the underlying forces behind regional growth.