Health, education and welfare

The research group for health, education, and welfare research works within a wide range of public services and groups in society. The research projects in the group have two different approaches.

The first approach emphasizes sector knowledge of state and municipal services. Our research includes services and sectors such as school, kindergarten, health services, social housing, immigration/integration, working life, and labour market-oriented measures. Our goal is to have a comprehensive knowledge of the responsibilities, working methods, laws and regulations within these sectors.

The second research approach emphasizes different social topics or social groups. This includes preventive activities, early intervention for children and young people; psychosocial work with children, young people and adults, as well as social pedagogical and child welfare work and various vulnerable groups. In these topics, our goal is to have a thorough understanding of social conditions and vulnerable groups. This includes how social challenges arise, how different social conditions are experienced, and not least, the consequences they have.

Through a good understanding of phenomena and sector knowledge, it is an overriding goal to carry out research projects relevant and valuable to our clients.