Green transitions

The Green Transitions research group works on a broad range of topics within sustainable community development. The group’s research activities and projects aim to contribute to sustainable changes —socially, economically, and environmentally—with a primary focus on food production and consumption, behavioral changes, circular economy, land and resource management, local placemaking and development, and value creation.

We take a holistic approach to our research with an open dialogue around sustainability challenges and choices and an underlying value focus on social and environmental justice. Our main goal is contributing to knowledge that can advance choices in the transition towards greener and more sustainable societies.

Increased involvement of various actors in development and innovation processes can provide richer perspectives and mobilization. We both study and employ co-creation as a method, through for example place-based living labs, which provide frameworks for addressing societal challenges at a local level. We also conduct trailing research, allowing us to follow for initiatives or political measures  over time. In some projects, we adopt an action research approach, involving both facilitation and analysis of change processes.

The members associated with the research group have diverse expertise, collectively covering a wide range of sustainability themes, methods, and approaches related to sustainable development and transitions.